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There's a lot going on out there in the thing they call The Internet.  Most of it happens in darkened corners without anybody knowing what's really going on.  It's our job to lift the lid on this mysterious world, educate businesses on what can and can't be done and then enable them to better utilise these technologies to grow their business and allow them to reach even those darkest corners of their potential client base... but if they want to stick to the well-lit proverbial streets, that's fine too.

We Exist - For Real

Call centres?  Nope.  Pretend, virtual support assistants?  Nope.  In a short space of time, our clients know us all on first-name terms and any issues are dealt with by the same person until concluded.  You will not be passed from department to department... you will not be referred to '2nd-line support'.  You will always know who you're speaking to, be it on email, skype or on the trusty old phone.  So, no more clueless 1st-line support staff and no more waiting on hold for 3 hours to be told, 'someone will get back to you'.  You can come visit us, you can see our data-centres, you can kick the proverbial tyres.  We exist.

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White Label

We specialise in providing technical, internet solutions to New Media Agencies and Web Developers.  We become the extension to their own workforce, giving them the ability to resell everything we have to offer, without having the faintest clue how any of it works!  And why should they, they're busy enough hacking code and making websites look good, without having to worry about how to optimise the server to ensure everything stays up and running...

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Hosted Services

Or, Software As A Service if you prefer.  As well as the usual professional email services and web hosting that you would expect from us, we also provide our clients with access to our suite of hosted, fully managed services, including WSmailer, our email campaign system; DITS, our Drive In The Sky file exchange and management platform; WSsupport, our managed support ticketing system and WSstats, our enterprise-grade web statistics sotfware.

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Leading Technologies

We don't waste time bleeding old technologies dry.  Everything we do, all the new platforms we launch, are based on a constant, internal research and development loop, which ensures that our clients are always using the best the world of I.T. has to offer.  No point dragging your heels when you can be trail-blazing.  If it's worth doing... we'll do it... but only once we've proven it works and does exactly what it says on the tin!

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