A Little Bit About WebStores (UK) Ltd

Meet the Team

Jay Mather - Company Director

As the founding member of WebStores back in the bygone days of 1998, Jay has been responsible for its steady and continual growth.  Remaining completely independent, with no external investment, has enabled Jay to grow WebStores into exactly what he wanted it to be... a dynamic, fast-turning 'speed boat' of an organisation which, over the years, has been able to out-manouvere the corporate 'tanker' hosting providers and remain ahead of the game, utilising leading and (sometimes, where necessary), bleeding-edge technologies.  With a professional background in technology R&D, (whilst serving as 'Head of Emerging Technologies' at Computacenter / iGroup), online music distribution & digital rights management, (whilst serving as Director and CTO at DX3 Technologies), Jay has always believed that, where technology is concerned, the neoteric solutions are usually the best.

The Others - System Engineers

We run two geographically-disperate data-centres in the UK and whilst Jay would love to take all the credit for the  uptime stats, (that we wave proudly under the noses of anyone that will listen), we have to give praise here to a team of hardened techies that have a skillset way beyond that which should be allowed in any single, confined space!  These guys work tirelessly to ensure everything keeps running 'just-so' and that we maintain a level of service which far surpasses the level of professionalism often associated with the larger hosting provider.  It's not by accident that our motto is "Modern Solutions, Traditional Values", and we all work hard to live up to it.



Our Goal

To Educate, Inform and Enable our clients to perform online.  Everything we do is done with a view to making life online either simpler, or faster for our clients. Simplifying and Accelerating operations nearly always leads to higher profits and/or more success in the business world.  If we can enable our clients to utilise and benefit from these enabling technologies, then we have achieved our goals.